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AVIA Weekly Newsletter January 10-16, 2022


AVIA Weekly Newsletter January 10-16, 2022

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From the Director’s Chair

Paper Trail

The newspapers that are delivered each day are not public papers, they are personal subscriptions that specific residents pay to receive.  Please, do not take the papers from the lobby.

Meet And Greet

This Wednesday at 1pm I would like all residents to meet in the Gathering Room for coffee and dessert, and to meet our newest resident, Alan.  Let’s welcome Alan to our AVIA Family!


Please come out for activities!  Come as you are, pajamas, sweats, however you are comfortable!  Join in our fun activities!

Chef’s Corner

Menu Change – This Thursday, 1/13/22, we will be having Chili and cornbread for dinner instead of Taco Thursday!!!

Please remember to complete your meal form and return it to the kitchen asap!  We need correct counts to plan meals!

Menu Reminder – The choices for meals daily are on the menu.  We can accommodate requests for no meat, no pork, no mushrooms, etc…  However, we cannot accept requests for specific items not on the weekly menu.  If you do not want a lunch or dinner choice, you will be responsible for making and providing your own specific meal.

Lafayette’s Musings

We would love to see residents taking meals in the dining room or Gathering Room!  Join your friends and fellow residents for meals!  Now that we have music in the Gathering Room, it’s a perfect venue for meals and visits!

Tuesday continues to be Laffie’s grocery shopping day.  If you need groceries, or want to go to the grocery store with Laffie, let her know on Monday.

Let us know if you have upcoming appointments or shopping that you need a ride to.  We are happy to transport you, but we will need some notice.

There will be a sign up sheet in the lobby this week for the next ProMusica Orchestra Event.

Please, let Kim know if you have specific activities you are interested in trying!  We will make handmade cards again for Valentine’s Day, so get your creative juices flowing!

Tanisha from The Footchic (mobile nail technician) will be visiting AVIA every three weeks to do manicures, pedicures, and other nail care!  We are very excited to welcome her!!!  She will visit again on 1/13/22!  Book your appointment time with Kim today!