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AVIA Welcomes Kim Johnson, Resident Services Director


Kim was raised in Findlay, Ohio, and graduated from Findlay High School in 1990.  Kim then enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where she served for nearly a decade as a Cryptologic Technician.  During her time in the Navy, Kim attended college at various locations around the world, ultimately graduating from the University of Phoenix.

In 2001 Kim became a mother for the first time and opted to stay-at-home to raise her daughter, Hope.  In 2002, she was blessed with a son, Vincent.  Kim continued as a stay-at-home mom for nearly eight years, during which time she worked part-time as a substitute teacher; teaching everything from Kindergarten to music to Senior Welding!

As her children grew, Kim decided to pursue a career in healthcare so she returned to school.  She currently holds national certifications in Phlebotomy, as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, a Certified Nurse Assistant, an IV Therapy Technician, as well as holding her ACLS certification.  Kim has worked clinically and administratively in healthcare for the last 12 years.  Her passion is to improve the quality of healthcare and the lives of others.

Kim recently relocated to Ohio for her husband, Danny’s job.  Kim and Danny enjoy antiquing, travelling, art, and dressing up and attending Renaissance Festivals.  Kim is an avid reader, loves music, British TV, and crafting.  She is very excited to join Avia Senior Living and to be a part of its wonderful family.

Fun facts about Kim…

She once met Charlton Heston and his wife on a flight from London to Sevilla.

She once met a sitting President and Vice President.

She has lived in three countries throughout her life.

She has three cats and a dog.

She has rollerbladed from the top floor of the Pentagon to the basement many times.