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The Happenings at Avia! January 3, 2022


The Happenings at Avia!

My name is Kimberly Johnson, and I am the Resident Services Director at Avia Senior Living!  I am so excited to share with you weekly some of the happenings here at Avia!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Here’s to a fantastic 2022!!!

Health and Wellness!

Now that we have pushed through the holiday season with fervor, let’s take some time to re-energize, re-charge, and do some self-care!  A good friend of mine is the Director of the International Institute of Humanology, Author, and Lecturer.  I have shared a recent article she wrote about Energy Leaks below.  Enjoy her thoughts and take her ideas to heart.  New Year, new chapter, and time to reset ourselves!

Jessica J. Lockhart  English

Unclutter Your Brain. Plug Your Energy Leaks

Chances are you have energy leaks.

Don’t you sometimes feel tired for no clear reason? You’re eating and sleeping well, not overly stressed, even exercising a bit, in spite of which you wake up drained in the mornings. Chances are you have energy leaks. Some of them can be attributed to a simple reason that we often neglect to address: our subconscious “to do” list.

You see, the brain is extremely logical and follows very precise patterns of behavior. If you ever started something and then left it for later, it kept it there, in the “to do” list because you did not complete it. That online German course you enrolled in five years ago and never started? There. That coffee you keep on telling your aunt you will have together but never seem to find the time to organize? There. That energy drain check-up you promised yourself you will do? Yeah, also there. Our mind runs frequent checks on everything, included our “to do” lists, conscious and subconscious. That process of revision consumes energy, like any other brain activity. It is similar to stand-by buttons on computers and televisions; they use electricity unless completely turned off. When you leave one connected, the energy used might be small but if you have dozens, the story becomes something else.

You will immediately feel stronger and less tired

What I would like to recommend today, then, is that you take a little time once a year or every six months to plug those energy leaks and prevent your brain from using that power on a daily basis. By doing it, you will immediately feel stronger and less tired.

The first thing you need to do is prepare a real checklist with everything you can remember that you ever started and didn’t finish. I suggest you do it by topics: family, friends, learning, work, self…

  • Note down every single action you said you would take and didn’t, every promise you made and didn’t fulfill, every activity you enrolled in and didn’t wrap up. Write them all down, no matter how small or insignificant.
  • Once you have the list, go over each item, one by one, and ask yourself: do I want to finish this? Write your answer, yes or no, next to the item.
  • Go over the list once more. Stop at each item next to which you wrote You just decided to let it go, to not try and complete this task or action. To truly close it down, just repeat the following words aloud: I will not pursue this activity anymore. I let it go. By saying it and hearing yourself say it, your brain will understand that you are removing it from the “to do”list.
  • But that isn’t enough. You still have items in your list, don’t you? And we don’t want those items to turn into outstanding ones in the future. Once again, go through the remaining list and stop at each item still present there. For each of those, ask yourself what next step you’re going to take to move forward and advance in its completion and by when you will have it done. By setting yourself some specific goals with time limits, your brain understands that you will pursue them. Then, of course, do pursue them. Try and meet those goals in the allotted time.

Your brain can rest

That is it! You are releasing many of the items in your “to do” list and have a specific plan for all others, so your brain can rest. Try doing this in a thorough way and making sure that you’re not tricking your brain into believing something untrue. Be honest with yourself. You will feel so much more rested!

This is an incredible little activity to do at work to help employees feel better. It is also suited for children, who can be taught to organize themselves by doing this once every six months. Whatever you do, this little tool will prove useful, even if you don’t feel tired. Unclutter your brain. Your whole self will be grateful.


Let’s Talk Soup!  As we are finally feeling like winter outside, I would love to share recipes for soup each week!  If you have a favorite soup recipe you would like me to share here, email it to me at!  Soup is a meal, contrary to what Kenny Banyan believes on Seinfeld!

A Very Eastern European Potato Soup from a Midwestern U.S. Girl

By Kim Johnson

This is a one pot soup!  Fairly fast and easy, and very delicious served with crusty bread and butter!!!


Potatoes – 6-10 medium sized (I like to use yellow potatoes, but russets will work as well)

Cleaned, peeled, and cut into bite sized pieces

Cabbage – one head of green cabbage

Cleaned and cut into smallish pieces

Onion – one sweet onion

Peeled and chopped

Kielbasa – One skinless kielbasa

Cut down the middle and then into smallish pieces

Chicken Stock – 8-12 cups (totally depends on how many potatoes you use and how much broth you prefer)

I like to cook the entire soup in stock as opposed to water, I feel it gives more flavor to the soup

Chicken Stock Powder – 2 T

Dissolve in 4 cups of the chicken stock (added flavor depth and kick)

Olive Oil – 2 T

Heated in pot to cook onions

Salt and Pepper – to taste

I salt and pepper in each step of cooking to really layer in the flavor and seasoning



Heat olive oil in pot.  Cook onions until soft – adding salt and pepper to taste.  Add in sausage and cook it until browning begins.  Add in cabbage, add salt and pepper to taste, stir to mix cabbage with onions and sausage.  Cook with lid on pot for 3-5 minutes to steam cabbage slightly.  Stir occasionally to prevent sticking to pot.    Add in potatoes and stock and salt and pepper if desired.  Stir well to mix all ingredients.  Cook at a low boil 20-35 minutes, until potatoes and cabbage are soft.

Serve piping hot with crusty bread smothered in butter.  Dipping the crusty buttered bread into the broth is the best!  Enjoy!!!

Party Time

Ringing in the New Year

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with Wade Jones playing some amazing music live!  We had an amazing buffet of tapas/hors d’oeuvres prepared by Chef Tim, and celebrated with a champagne toast!  It was a very cozy and relaxed evening with family and friends!  Looking forward to our next celebration!!!

Avia Senior Living - New Years
Avia - New Years
AVIA - New Years
AVIA - New Years


Avia Senior Living - New Years
AVIA - New Years

Have a fantastic first week of 2022!!!  Stay safe and healthy, not only open, but walk through new doors, and live life to the fullest each day!